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Nadav Mansdorf


Founder and chairman of 'Impactech group', ‘Start-up farmer’, board member, executive, academic and successful entrepreneur across multiple industries.


Nadav is best described as a ‘start-up farmer’. His keen eye for high potential entrepreneurs and businesses has led to a string of successful business building cycles across multiple industries and countries, allowing him to fulfil his personal mission of improving the world by using technology.


He is a partner and board member of various leading tech ventures and NGOs and specializes in strategy and semiotics.


In addition to his commercial ventures, he ‘ruins academics from within’ as an Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation lecturer at several academic institutes such as IDC, HUJI, Ono academic center, Colman and more.


Nadav lives in Israel  with his wife and three children and thinks it’s still normal to drink coco at his age.

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