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What We Bring to Entrepreneurs

The aspiration and definition of success differs per venture and per entrepreneur. We have supported companies on their path to IPO, to a successful rapid PE or strategic sale, or to sustainable profit generation without immediate exit aspirations.


Depending on the aspiration and stage it is at, we would typically take a venture through six stages of growth, where we jointly complete a number of smart milestones that will change the course of the business. These include setting the long term vision and developing a winning strategy, building a realistic business case that is trusted by investors, raising capital when required, finding manufacturers, suppliers, customers, getting to market, building the right team, and expanding globally. 

We are not restricted by geography or sector, and we use our global reach to find the right partners for the company. Your biggest customer can be around the corner, or on the other side of the world.

What We Bring to Entrepreneurs

What We Bring to Investors


What We Bring to Private and Public Sector Organizations

We bring value to entrepreneur across all phases

​Indicative partnership timeline – we invest our expertise, network and reputation in the partnership.



Understand entrepreneur and concept


We want to understand the person, vision, tech, and work done to date in granular detail




Form independent view

We pressure-test current ideas and form our own perspective on growth potential, investments and talent requirements




Align on business aspiration

We jointly create a realistic and winning strategy, overall business objectives, and partnership principles




Define smart deliverables


We break down
the overall business objectives in measurable smart deliverables




Execute, execute, execute

We jointly do whatever it takes to build a successful enterprise







We succeed, learn and grow together with the ambition of creating a global business that improves the world

What We Bring to Investors

Based on our strict partner selection criteria, we filter out 99% of the ventures that want to work with us.

The companies that make it through our due diligence have a higher chance of success than average and meet our high bar on people, product, and potential. This ‘outsourcing of target screening’ makes for a better than average investment case, and on top of that we bring our expertise, our experience and our dedication to the success of the company.  

We often work with the same serial entrepreneur or investor on multiple ventures, and always have a live backlog of potential investments not listed publicly. Get in touch if you are looking for investments in specific sectors or regions. 

What We Bring to Private and Public Sector Organizations

Despite listing it as a strategic priority in annual plans, for various reasons, most large organisations struggle to innovate inside-out and to nurture and integrate new ventures successfully into their corporate DNA.

We have supported various public organisations and private companies in finding innovative ventures beyond the start-up phase who are ready to be absorbed by mature strategic parties.

Post-acquisition, we can provide support to both parties in ‘getting to know each other’ to ensure that the integration happens successfully. This often means implementing certain structural changes to both parties’ mindset and ways of working.

Get in touch if your organisation is looking for specific innovative ideas in your sector and wants to accelerate the R&D timeline by acquiring proven concepts.

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